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Spider-Woman #1 Cosplay Variant

by Yashuntafun Cosplay

You’d think that relatively new costumes would pose the biggest challenge for cosplayers, but you’d never know that by the way Yashuntafun has already aced Jessica Drew’s current duds. Yashuntafun (real name: Megan) grew up in the Atlanta area, and gets her cosplay name from the street on which she was raised.

She first got into cosplay in 2003, and both she and her husband work on their own costumes. She and two friends make up the group Kamikaze Kiss Cosplay, though physical distance keeps them from assembling too often.

While many of Yashuntafun’s costumes come from anime or JRPGs, we’d say she’s got just as much knack for Marvel.

Tumblr: Yashuntafun Cosplay

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