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Astonishing Ant-Man #1 Cosplay Variant

by SoloRoboto Industries

Owned by Steven Meissner, who also serves as prop maker and lead artist, SoloRoboto Industries has been around since 2007, creating costume props of all kinds. We’re assuming that the helmet Meissner is sporting here is 100 percent his company’s creation, especially since they sell both the main helmet piece and an accessory bundle containing the voice box, antennae and antenna toppers in their online store.

Speaking of the products they offer, we really, really wish that the makers of the Fantastic Four reboot would have asked SoloRoboto for assistance with a Doctor Doom faceplate instead of … whatever that was that we saw on screen. Ah, well.

SoloRoboto Industries does do commissions, so if you are an aspiring cosplayer who needs help with your props, this might be where you want to turn.

Twitter: @soloroboto

Instagram: @soloroboto

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