10 Worst Super Hero Movies Of All Time

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2. Fantastic Four (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes score: 8%

Domestic box office: $49.6 million (to date)

I’m still somewhat convinced that this movie’s Rotten Tomatoes rating took on a life of its own at some point, and that critics intentionally panned the movie just to keep the score low. Yes, Fantastic Four was bad. I’m just not sure it was “Worst of All Time” bad. I actually enjoyed the first 30 or 40 minutes.

We’ve got to go with the numbers though, and they say it belongs here, so let’s concentrate on what it got wrong. Mostly, it was Doom. One of the greatest, most regal super villains of all time, and the makers of this film somehow turned him into a jealous nihilist who looked like a creature the Power Rangers would fight. About the only thing they got right was Doom heading straight for the unusual pool of power on Planet Zero. Everything else was off.

Other things bothered me too. Sue Storm being praised for her brains and then left behind after making the costumes. Ben Grimm turned into a mindless killing machine for the government. Leaving the Baxter Building behind for … wherever the team ended up at the end. I also swear I blanked out during the final fight scene, because one minute they were hurling Doom down a cliff, and the next he was right back in front of the FF.

Whatever. The director blamed the studio and the studio blamed the director, but they both seem equally responsible. The last act bore all the hallmarks of studio meddling, yet the core story was also not so hot. It’s almost inconceivable that you could release a movie based on a major Marvel property in 2015 and fall short of $100 million, yet this movie did it. I’m going to stop before I talk myself into ranking it this high on the list myself.

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