10 Worst Super Hero Movies Of All Time

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8. Blade: Trinity

Rotten Tomatoes score: 25%

Domestic box office: $52.4 million

Is it a bigger sin for a movie to be bad or to be boring? I’d submit that the real problem with Blade: Trinity is that it was the latter. While its predecessor amped up the action and the horror with a new twist on vampires, this third installment almost goes backwards with the Daywalker fighting plain old vampires again. He’s got help this time, but you’ll spend most of the film wishing that Wesley Snipes would put a stake through Ryan Reynolds’ mouth instead of any bad guy’s heart.

Even worse, Blade: Trinity took what should have been the coolest enemy Blade could ever face — Dracula — and made him less interesting than previous series villains as well. That’s no mean feat.

What else? How about killing off Whistler (played by Kris Kristofferson), who was the one cool supporting character the series had? Or the all too transparent hopes for spinning the Nightstalkers off into their own movies? Thankfully, that never happened.

Some properties simply go until they take a bad step, and this was it for Blade. While the series as a whole gets credit for being able to work some magic with an obscure Marvel character before the rise of Marvel Studios, it would have been better off just stopping after two movies.

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