10 Worst Super Hero Movies Of All Time

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6. Batman & Robin

Rotten Tomatoes score: 11%

Domestic box office: $107.3 million

I could see how Batman & Robin looked good on paper. George Clooney was a hot commodity and must have seemed like a perfect fit as a slightly older Bruce Wayne thrust into a more paternal role with a growing Bat-family. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman were big names, and it was already de rigueur that super hero sequels needed to have multiple villains. Joel Schumacher had directed the not horrible Batman Forever, which earned more money than Batman Returns, so he could probably be trusted with the next movie as well.

Wrong. Oh so horribly wrong. Campy without being fun and ridiculous without winking at itself, this turned out to be a drastic wrong turn for Batman. Gotham City had been transformed into some kind of weird acid trip instead of a place of danger and foreboding, and the costumes will best be remembered for their anatomically correct nipples and oversized codpieces. Bonus points for making Chris O’Donnell’s Robin into the most unlikable version ever, a whiny brat that even Jason Todd would beat out in a charm contest.

And while it’s cool to give Arnold a few punchlines since that’s what he does in every movie, it’s not okay to turn all of his dialogue into cringe-inducing puns — particularly when Mr. Freeze is a villain with a tragic back story. Let’s not even talk about what they did to Bane …

Despite all that was bad about this film, I can still absolutely single out its worst moment. Take a look:

Sigh … Let’s just move on.

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