Sexism In Super Hero Comics: Causes And Solutions

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Women In Comics: Nothing To See Here

Social justice warrior, feminazi, call me what you will, I don’t care. The truth of the matter is that sexism in comics has run amok since the first super hero comics saw print. From the 1930s to 1980s, male comic book super heroes treated women in comics with the utmost disrespect.

For example, when Wonder Woman first came on the comic scene, it was said that DC executives were worried her character would influence lesbianism in young girls. Isn’t that just rich? A powerful, feminist character couldn’t possibly influence young girls in a positive way? Wonder Woman was damned by the male community for being against the status quo of a subservient housewife. They targeted their intended demographic of young boys and men by enticing them with male-driven content. And if the women didn’t meet male standards, she was ostracized. A female comic book character got the same treatment women in society received.

First up, lets talk costumes.

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