Spider-Man Unlimited’s Alliance and Spider-Island Update!


Spider-Man Unlimited, the mobile endless runner, has launched their Alliance and Spider-Island update. This update was long expected, and brings along many of the features that were hinted at months ago, including a new alliance system. There are many cool additions to the game this time around so let’s take a look at what’s new.

A Brand New Alliance mode: Social Chaos and Competition.

  • Team up and join 20 member alliances.
  • Choose your alliance emblem and name.
  • Fight for control of New York City battlegrounds
  • Win individual rewards for reaching personal milestones, and win alliance-wide rewards.
  • Win battlegrounds to increase your Alliance’s strength and rank.
  • Each section of the battleground has a different requirement such as slides or KOs.
  • Players can spend ISO to place a shield on territories to stop other alliances from reducing their score.
Spider-Man Unlimited Alliances
Spider-Man Unlimited Alliances /

Spider-Island and 10 New Characters.

  • Play through the popular 2011 comic event Spider-Island, where New York citizens are receiving Spider-Powers.
  • Get hyped because this will eventually lead into SECRET WARS content.
  • New characters join the run, and some of them are not Spider-Men or Spider-Women:
  • Peter Parker swings in, a Titan, wearing his ESU sweatshirt.
  • Mary Jane joins the battle, complete with spidey shirt and spider powers.
  • Black Cat arrives, and she always lands are her feet.
  • Play as a villain, Silver Sable. Win a 7-part event for Silver Sable and bring her to your team.
Spider-Man Unlimited New Cards
Chat System and other features. /
  • Participate in a global chat, as well as an alliance chat.
  • Create a nickname.
  • All-in, a feature where you spend all of your energy on on run to gain higher multipliers and score bonuses.

Here’s a video showing off the content.

The game was slightly immersed in pandemonium when the update dropped, as many players scrambled to join an alliance. The alliance based event launched simultaneously, and people were unsure of how the competition worked exactly, as the mechanics weren’t well explained. But the content is there, and even better, they slightly increased the rates of the VIP portals. Jump in, get running, and conquer those Battlegrounds folks. Oh, and check out the forums here if you want to join the community.