A Labor Day Tribute: 10 Cool Jobs Held By Super Heroes

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Freelance Photographer

Job held by: Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

I’m not certain Peter would consider this a “cool” job considering how often he was trying to scrape together money just to make ends meet in early Spider-Man comics. Then again, that could also be attributed to the master of miserly behavior himself, J. Jonah Jameson.

It’s more fun to consider how far ahead of his time Mr. Parker really was. By figuring out a way to take pictures of himself fighting crime as Spider-Man, he was essentially the godfather of the selfie long before the smartphone was invented. He also managed to combine his day job and web-swinging duties in a way few heroes have managed to this day.

Even in our digital age when everyone has a camera in his or her pocket, there’s something to be said for the skill it takes to capture really top notch photos, and Peter has always been able to do just that. Considering he was smart enough to invent his own web-shooters as a teen, he might have made more money as an entrepreneur, but we’ll just think back on his part in the primo journalism at the Daily Bugle and shake our heads at JJJ low-balling him on his pay.

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