A Labor Day Tribute: 10 Cool Jobs Held By Super Heroes

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Job held by: Simon Williams (Wonder Man)

This is an interesting one. Simon Williams originally belonged to our horde of comic book businessmen thanks to inheriting his father’s company. That didn’t work out so well, given that he was thrown in jail for embezzlement, got super villains to bail him out, got super powers and then more or less died. Actually, maybe “didn’t work out so well” was an understatement.

Needless to say, he wasn’t about to go back into business after he finally revived, but becoming a being of pure ionic energy does have its advantages. Williams first hit Hollywood as a stuntman since he was virtually impossible to harm while shooting action sequences, and he worked his way up to becoming an actual actor.

Was he successful? Well, I’m thinking Simon never won any Academy Awards in the Marvel Universe, seeming more like a big budget blockbuster type. For some reason, I always saw him in my mind’s eye as having an acting range similar to Joey Tribbiani from Friends, but maybe that’s an unfair comparison — for one of them!

All I know is that when you’ve got glowing red eyes and have to wear sunglasses all the time, you already look the part of a Hollywood star, so you might as well play it too.

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