Peter Parker Swings Into Spider-Man Unlimited


If you’ve ever wanted to play as regular ol’ Peter Parker, now’s your chance in the mobile runner Spider-Man Unlimited. Available as part of the current 6 day event Peter Parker Unlimited, the new titan is also available in the event portal of the same name along with the Legendaries Spider-Man India and Spider-Man 2211, both of who get a score multiplier bonus for the event (whose progress rewards are obtained through combos). Pete’s sporting his Empire State University (ESU) sweatshirt, with his web shooters resting just below his slightly rolled up sleeves. He is the only playable character in the game to wear civilian clothes thus far, unless you count Mary Jane’s outfit, and obviously has no qualms about letting the world know about his secret identity. In fact, during the 2011 “Spider-Island” event, he realized that with everyone having spider-powers, he was able to use them freely to guide the populace while remaining incognito (though his ex-girlfriend Carlie Cooper finds out the truth due to a loophole in the whole make everyone forget Pete’s identity post-civil war fiasco). You can see a bit of his spidey costume peeking out from under his sweater.

Card_PeterParker1 /

Peter Parker

wields a decent scoring ability combination, with +2 to combos from a near miss and 50% greater score from running. If you’re in a high spidey tier (legendary, web-warrior, etc) and you manage to place in the top 25 during the event you’ll have a chance to win even more

Peter Parker

titan spideys, and the event’s final milestone grants rank up cards, which lets players rank up any character they choose. In other words, now’s a great time to grind out the newest titan. On top of that, according to this

post on the official forums

here from a highly involved community member, the rate for pulling Pete is 05.00%, which while not bad compared to the old rates, is not amazing. Many people were excited to play

Peter Parker

, but I’m still looking forward to the Titan


(May). Get to swinging web-heads, and stay tuned for some more SMU content.