New York Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

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If you’re looking for cosplay of any character from comics, TV or pop culture in general and you don’t see it at New York Comic Con, it’s probably because you’re not looking hard enough, or the person you seek is simply hidden to you among the massive crowd.

Once again, NYCC 2015 stood out for the incredible variety and skill of its cosplayers. Not only were there more individuals dressed than costume than ever — or so it seemed, as it’s doubtful the show has any way of counting how many attendees are cosplaying — but there were numerous themed group gatherings on the steps near the food trucks right outside the Javits Center. One of them, with characters from the Spider-Man universe, you can see above. But I randomly wandered outside just to get some air on Saturday and happened to catch an incredible assortment of Assassin’s Creed cosplayers as well.

It’s that sort of effort that drives home the idea that cosplay at New York Comic Con is impossible to piegonhole. Sure, you’ll see plenty of super heroes and villains, but also characters from movies, TV, anime and nearly anything else you can name. One of my favorite parts of wandering the floor was spotting cosplays I couldn’t identify and trying to identify what franchise they were from. Needless to say, I left New York without figuring some of them out.

With so much cosplay, it’s the height of folly to suggest that any photo gallery represents the “best” of what was on display at NYCC 2015. Instead, think of this as a small, representative sample of what you would have seen if you were in attendance this year — and what you can expect to see if you make the journey next year.

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