New York Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

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Photo by Dale Plummer, used with permission.

Harley Quinn

There were a lot of Harley Quinn cosplayers at NYCC 2015. We’re talking Harleys from the animated series, from the comics, from the upcoming Suicide Squad film, gender-swapped Harleys. It was like the Gang of Harleys from the comics had magically come to life, which is a thought that’s both awesome and a little scary.

Still, to really win me over with your Harley Quinn cosplay, you needed to be carrying a hammer, and the bigger the better. The woman pictured here isn’t even carrying the largest one I saw on the floor. I’m thinking the guys whose job it was to confiscate cosplay weapons that didn’t meet the show’s guidelines didn’t take away any Harley hammers simply because they were nearly all ridiculously oversized. They wouldn’t even have fit in the confiscation bins.

What set this one apart was the “Your butt here” caption and the Batman face. Very nice.

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