Future Fight Celebrates Halloween With a Spooky Update.


Halloween is upon us and Future Fight is getting a bit too spooky for me. Marvel’s third person “dungeon-crawler” will be receiving a Halloween themed update, filled with new characters, costumes, and quality of life fixes.

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The patch introduces three unexpected characters to the game: Lash, Elsa Bloodstone, and Warwolf. Lash is an Inhuman with the power to absorb, manipulate, and convert energy from his palms, Elsa Bloodstone is a weapon-wielding monster-hunter most recently brought back into comics in Secret War’s

Marvel Zombies, a

nd rounding out the new agents is Warwolf, a lesser known character who served as a member of the Howling Commandos Monster Force (he’s essentially a werewolf who uses weapons).

It’s always been a joke that Netmarble (the game’s developers) love M.O.D.O.K and want the player-base to love him as well, and since we here at WASC love us some Spider-Man, M.O.D.O.K’s new costume (SPIDOC) is definitely a must buy for me. The update will bring six new costumes (alternate versions of characters that boost stats by 10% and change appearance) to the following characters:

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Halloween will be celebrated with a special event that will award Halloween tokens. These tokens will be used to purchase Halloween boxes, which will randomly award players with biometrics for one of the new characters. It remains to be seen how many times you can run the event each day or if there is any token cap. In addition, Thor, Black Bolt, and the Punisher will also receive 6 star skills, shown below.

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Finally, some quality of life tweaks can be found in the patch. Players can now select and sell many items from their inventory at once, clear tickets can be used to run missions on repeat (letting players play the game without doing a darn thing), and players will have the ability to auto-roll for new ISO-8 sets (which are sets that offer character’s bonuses but are randomly selected through payment of 10,000 gold).

All in all, this update looks fairly hefty, and continues the monthly updates that Future Fight has received as of late. Some players expressed concern that there will be too much content and they’ll burn out eventually, while others are appreciative of the constant update. If you want to have a grand spooky time with your favorite Marvel heroes and villains now’s the perfect time, the update hits the game soon.