Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Among Us Hide…”


This week’s Agents of SHIELD gets Bobbi and May back into action, pumped and ready to kick some ass. And we delve deep into the mystery of who Lash might really be.

Not-So-Short Summary: Andrew explains how he survived: a SHIELD agent was tailing Andrew and gave him enough time to make it to the door. In the aftermath, Coulson takes Hunter off the Ward hunt and puts May on it. May immediately recruits Bobbi in a fun little skirmish of hand-to-hand combat.

May finds out almost too quickly about Baby Von Strucker, whom hasn’t called into Hydra just yet. Instead, he’s seeking refuge with one of his father’s old friends because he’s more terrified of Ward than he was of Von Strucker Sr.

May and Bobbi get into a safe-deposit box in an attempt to find Von Strucker and end up triggering alarms. Bobbi seems a bit jumpy, and it’s an interesting side of her we’ve never seen before. After not being in the field for nearly six months, it’s a natural reaction. She even tries the diplomatic approach first before May votes for fists.

“Ward” and “redemption” are used in the same sentence, but it’s coming from the one head of Hydra everyone fears, so I have no qualms about it. Baby Strucker is a liability and needs to be taken care of.

May and Bobbi track Strucker’s location down and break into where Ward’s right-hand man is torturing answers out of him. The kickass fight scenes commence with Bobbi getting back into the swing of things and taking this week’s “Badass Moment of the Week.”

But it’s Strucker, dying in May’s arms, that lays out the truth bomb in the dying minutes of this episode: Andrew is Lash. It wasn’t the SHIELD agent saving his life, it was his transformation into the killing machine that got him out of trouble. Hot diggity daffodil!

Coulson is scheduled to get a tour of the ATCU setup, but instead gets a mini tour of Rosalind’s house, which has brand new furniture and nothing was stolen during the alleged break-in that derails his tour. Store that little nugget in your back pockets for later. Coulson accuses her of staging a break-in, she accuses him of staging the break-in.

But it turns out Rosalind is buttering Coulson up and delaying him from seeing the ATCU facility. Back to them in a minute.

On the Lash-side of the equation, Mack suggests it’s Rosalind’s right-hand man, Banks. Mack and Skye tail him (with benched Hunter as their driver). Hunter decides to jump out of the van and ICEs him; they take a blood sample and follow a text he receives to some sort of secret facility.

Banks’ blood tests negative for Inhuman DNA. That’s the least of their troubles–a package arrives. It turns out this is where the ATCU is storing the Inhumans they find. And Daisy and Mack find Coulson and Rosalind watching the unpacking.

“It looks like a horror movie,” Coulson remarks, though his SHIELD cohorts cannot hear his comments.

The ATCU is close to a cure for the Inhumans. Rosalind equates it to a medically-induced coma, keeping them in stasis until the cure is ready. Turns out she lost her husband to cancer years ago. She would give anything to have been able to preserve him long enough to find a cure, much like the Inhumans. I think those of us who have lost someone to a disease understand her motives.

Post-Credits Stinger: Daisy is still in contact with Lincoln, who I haven’t been missing. Lincoln has full-on beard action. As she hangs up, Andrew asks her if Lincoln gave his location and that he’d be safer at SHIELD HQ. It’s undercut by the evil look on his face

Badass Moment of the Week: Bobbi using her batons to electrocute the water to take care of Ward’s right-hand man.

Best One-Liner: “You can tell a lot about a woman from her books. …Okay. I didn’t actually know there were this many biographies of Margaret Thatcher.” Coulson’s deadpan is on-point this episode.

Andrew gets to be on the receiving end of the psych stick, chatting it up with Simmons. Which is now frightening in retrospect when he makes the comment about how strong they both really are.

Fitz gets to be the tech genius this week, making fake passports for people and running simulations regarding the Monolith. He also digs into Will’s background. I would, too, if I was in his shoes.

The mysterious Hydra contact portrayed by Powers Boothe is Gideon Malick, who has ambiguous alliances. His character name also sounds like some sort of Planeswalker for Magic: The Gathering, and not just because Gideon Jura is already a Planeswalker. I’m thinking…red/black combination, maybe red/black/green just based on the name. Based on powers, I’m thinking more of a black/white combination or black/blue.

Next week, it looks like at least May confronts Andrew about his Inhuman-ness. How long until the rest of our Agents of SHIELD cohorts find out? Knowing this show, everyone will know by the end of the episode.