Constantine On Arrow: Round Table For “Haunted”

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This Wednesday, Arrow‘s “Haunted” episode satiated fans with a crossover that most thought would never happen — John Constantine from NBC’s now defunct Constantine not only appeared, but had a hand in helping out Ollie and his friends.  Okay, he didn’t just help, the man was crucial to their main goal for the episode, which was salvation for Sara Lance.

So how is this a big deal for Bam Smack Pow?  Aside from us being the premiere comics-related site, both Arrow and Constantine have dedicated writers for each show.  My responsibility was Constantine until it was officially canceled back in June of this year, so you can understand my disappointment.  My editor, Nick Tylwalk, owns Arrow‘s recap and review duties, so he’s the site’s foremost expert on the Emerald Archer.  What better way to celebrate this episode than to have the two of us discuss, in-depth, the various tidbits and references of this awesome crossover.

So without further ado, we’re going to step into our Constantine on Arrow Round Table for “Haunted” …

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