Constantine On Arrow: Round Table For “Haunted”

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Arrow and Constantine Timelines

Steve Lam: This is the big question: How do Arrow‘s and Constantine‘s timelines match up?  Does “Haunted” occur before, during, or after the events of Constantine?  I’m leaning on the side of after.  The biggest giveaway was John telling Team Arrow that he had performed the soul restitution a year ago.  However, there’s no mention of Chas or Zed.  Does that mean he hasn’t met them yet?  Nope.  Most likely for brevity and story focus sake, they just had John go on a solo mission to Star City.

Of course, we also have to worry about the flashback timeline.  I will say that John met Oliver before the events of Constantine.  The flashback seems to be around Oliver’s fourth year missing, which means the events of Constantine are about four years away from when they first meet — Oliver still has one more year on the island, and Constantine aired during Arrow‘s third season.

Nick Tylwalk: I’m on-board with that interpretation. Even without seeing the show, I assumed that Constantine was happening more or less concurrently with Arrow in the sense that both are set in the present of whatever year in which they air.

Maybe I should know this already, but I’ve also assumed the flashbacks were happening a year at a time. That would indeed place the events taking place on Lian Yu in Season 4 during Oliver’s fourth year of hell. No big reason to think otherwise.

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