Batman v Superman: New Batsuit Concept Designs


We have a new looks at the official concept designs for the batsuit from Batman v Superman!

We saw some final concept work from production designer Michael Wilkinson a little while back when he released the images on social media. He revealed the process of developing costumes for Batman, Wonder Woman and the tweaks he made on Henry Cavill’s Superman suit from Man of Steel. Now that certain aspects of the film are no longer top secret, another designer has dropped cool looks from his efforts on the gigantic production.

Artist Jerad S. Marantz has hopped on his Facebook page to talk about the reveal of high resolution images of Ben Affleck’s much discussed batsuit on DC All Access.

"Finally get to show these! Here are some of the images that I painted for Batman versus Superman. I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time on all of the characters, but was lucky enough to be able to focus on Illustrating the new Batman costume with the incredible costume designer Michael Wilkinson. This was a childhood dream come true."

Check out what Marantz has given the world!

Pretty cool, huh? Say what you will about Zack Snyder, the casting of Ben Affleck, or the tone of the DC cinematic universe in general, the new batsuit is far more reverent to the source material than any we’ve ever seen on screen. Too many of the film incarnations have tried to run away from the iconic look of the Caped Crusader. They still used black instead of blue on top of the grey, but there’s a legitimate debate as to whether it was supposed to be blue in the first place.

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Comic artists often used blue as a highlight color for black fabric to show its sheen. In either case, even the comics officially switched to black nearly a decade ago. Hard to complain about that.

No that we’ve seen so much of the suit in concept and stills the only thing left is to see how it looks in action on screen. And not just a trailer. That will be the telling moment when we can all make our final judgments.