Batman: Bad Blood New Trailer & Release Date


Batman: Bad Blood has a new trailer and release date, and it’s actually out much sooner than we would have thought!

First, the new trailer gives us a bit of a peek at the story of Batman: Bad Blood. Seems like Batman is missing, and Nightwing is trying to fill in for him in Gotham. Robin aka Damien Wayne is insisting that Nightwing needs his help, Batwoman is helping out but making sure they know she’s not “part of their cult” and new on the scene is Batwing. But can these heroes get along, find Batman and save Gotham without the help of the caped crusader himself? Check out the trailer for yourself below:

And Batman: Bad Blood releases first on Digital HD January 19th 2016, with physical releases of various editions shortly after February 2nd. This is a change from the initial impression that it was going to release sometime after the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke.

Batman: Bad Blood will release on DVD & Blu-Ray (along with a combo Blu-Ray DVD edition) There will be a deluxe edition that will come with a Nightwing figure. The Deluxe Edition will be a numbered and limited run. All Blu-Ray releases of Batman: Bad Blood will have a sneak peek at Justice League Vs. Teen Titanstwo making-of featurettes, as well as two episodes featuring the Bat-family from previous animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Batman: The Animated Series.

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Sounds promising, but I’m pretty disappointed that Nightwing is the figure being offered with the deluxe edition. Why not Batwoman or Batwing? This is their first time on film, animated or otherwise. It’s a historic moment, and the deluxe edition should reflect that in some way.