Arrow: Did John Diggle Just Get His Super Hero Code Name In Lost Souls?


Despite his best efforts to the contrary, John Diggle might be joining the super hero crowd. In fact, we might have just heard his super hero code name for the first time in this week’s episode of Arrow, “Lost Souls.”

When Team Arrow was getting in position to make its assault on Damien Darhk’s headquarters to save Ray Palmer, Felicity Smoak called Diggle “Spartan” when referring to him over the group’s communications channel. When Diggle reacted with confusion, Felicity reminded him that, “we have a guest tonight.” She was referring to Curtis Holt, who had to accompany the team into the field for the first time to use his scientific know-how to help restore Ray to his correct size.

It’s possible that this was just a one-off joke or meta-reference to the fact that Diggle has no code name. After all, earlier in the same episode, Felicity told Oliver Queen his code name on the radio would be Chatty Cathy, and I doubt he’ll be abandoning Green Arrow for that moniker any time soon.

On the other hand, plenty of characters on Arrow and The Flash have received their code names after someone just makes something up on the spot. With the faceplate shut, Diggle’s Season 4 helmet does sort of look like the helmets of actual Spartan warriors from history, minus the horsehair crest. So there’s at least a half-decent chance it could stick.

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And while I certainly dig Spartan, I still think Guardian would be even more fitting, since John really is fighting more than anyone on Team Arrow to keep those close to him safe, and it’s a name from the comics to boot. We’ll have to wait and see if his teammates keep calling him Spartan or any of the showrunners weigh in on the matter.