Google Play Books Announces First Update Specifically For Comics


Google Play Books is about more than just digital comics, but for the first time, Google Play has added features specifically with comic book readers in mind.

The biggest improvement makes digital comics easier to read in landscape mode, enabling easy vertical scrolling with just a swipe. You can see an example in the Star Wars image above.

Navigation has also been given an upgrade so that fans can find more stuff they want to read. The Google Play Store now has a spotlight on new comics, curated series pages to help find specific volumes and individual issues and personalized recommendations based on each user’s reading habits.

To celebrate all the new goodies, Google Play is offering a week of free comics (from November 12 through November 19) from a wide range of publishers and titles, including Batman, The Walking Dead, The X-Files and Jem and the Holograms. You can see the entire list of free comics from Google Play Books right here.

Look for the new comics-related features to hit Android first, with United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa getting them over the next few days. And don’t worry iOS users, Google Play will get some love on that platform soon too.