Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Chaos Theory”


This week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm, I get a little carried away with the “Fun Theory,” but I am 100% in support of it, as far reaching as it is. Heck, it might be a nerdy side of me we haven’t seen yet!

Overarching Question

Where do Rosalind’s allegiances really lie?

In the post credits stinger, we saw Rosalind Price in contact with Gideon Malick, who is a bigwig with Hydra at the moment. It doesn’t make sense to scrap weeks of character development to make Rosalind just a black/white or good/evil person. I don’t think she’s outright Hydra — maybe she doesn’t even know Malick’s associations.

Sure, part of her is playing Coulson, but part of her does actually like him. They’re two heads of two big, semi-secret organizations and no one else can relate to them. Of course they’re going to like each other.

The ATCU is just a pawn in Malick’s bigger plan, and Malick is just a resource for Rosalind. She has to be playing all sides of this. She’s just doing her job at this point, gathering any intel she can from any organization that lets her, as long as it gets her ahead.

And that phone call with her and Malick doesn’t necessarily state that she was handing over Coulson per se; they just didn’t meet up at the NORAD meeting. It’s the implications of Ward’s threat to murder Coulson moments before that makes it feel like an immediate threat.

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

The group behind the medieval Monolith rituals and Will’s NASA trip is none other than Gizmonic Institute.

Think about it: they kept sending guys into space and seeing what happens, never promising that they will be able to come back, not even if Joe Don Baker is involved. And what are the effects of sending someone into outer space? How much is this secret organization studying?

Maybe they even sent Will along with a bunch of cheesy movies, the worst they could find. Maybe his companions on the journey were actually robot friends designed to keep his sanity; they’re buried out where those astronaut helmets are.

And what if “Death” is just an amalgamation of Joel and Mike trying to save Will from his B-movie-watching life, but instead he sees it as a weird manifestation of Dr. Forrester, TV’s Frank, and Pearl that he needs to stay away from.

If this all takes place Next Sunday, A.D., you know I’m onto something. And I am all for our robot pals riffing on an episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Weekly Webisode Idea

(Okay now I just want the MST3K guys to sit at the bottom of an episode and make ridiculous riffs.)

“Grant Ward Is: Biff Tannen.” As soon as he uttered the line, “Cut off the head of SHIELD, another one won’t grow back,” or something to that extent, all I could think of was Biff uttering, “Make like a tree, and get out of here.” How about a supercut of other terrible phrases. Screen door on a battleship, cut off one head, you know maybe it might grow back, who knows?

We’ll see what the fallout is in next week’s Agents of SHIELD when the truth about Rosalind’s allegiances is more than likely exposed.