Future Fight’s Jessica Jones Update is… Superior


Future Fight is receiving its 1.7 patch update today, integrating Jessica Jones into the game to coincide with the release of her Netflix television series Jessica Jones. The title character will join as the update’s only new character (which hasn’t been the case in many updates), adding new Team Bonuses and Achievements to the game. There are also 4 new uniforms for Daredevil (his Netflix finale outfit), Doctor Octopus, Iron Fist, and Quake.

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This update appears to be more of a balancing update, bringing 6* skills (the most powerful moves a character has) for 11 new characters, balancing 10 heroes and villains that were on the weaker side, fixing the attack range of some heroes, and enhancing the damage of Universal types (the character type that has no weakness nor strength against any other type in the game’s rock, paper, scissors – combat, blast, speed set-up).

Some quality of life improvements will be added to the auto-repeat function (which lets the game play itself), and the leveling system is revamped to make 3-star, 4-star and 5-star agents reach higher levels (40 –> 45, 40 –> 50, and 45 –> 55 respectively).

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Usually I try to go more in-depth when talking about these updates, but the Community Managers over at the Official Forums of Future Fight,


, have presented the update quite nicely


(shoutout to CM Nightnurse!). Check it out for more details.

What I really want to talk about is most important addition to the game… the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Yes, the developer’s teased an improvement to Doctor Octopus, and they have delivered. Not only is the Superior Spider-Man one of my favorite Spider-Men of all time –making me sad that I don’t have a 6-star Doc Ock (which I will rectify ASAP), Future Fight makes Spider-Man gaming history. What do I mean by this? Just take a look at my new favorite team below.

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Indeed your eyes do not deceive you. This is an all-Spidey team consisting of Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spidoc (M.O.D.O.K), and SpOck. Marvel at the might of the Web-Warriors! Plus this team has all of the archetypes: Speed, Blast, and Combat, making the team very balanced when it comes to type advantage. Truly it is an amazing sight. Thank you Future Fight, you have given us the team Spider-Fans don’t deserve, but the team we need right now.

The update is live. Let’s all get in there and farm Doc Ock!