Marvel Contest Of Champions Gets New Daredevil, Jessica Jones Cameo


Everyone is excited for the November 20 debut of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, and that includes the folks at Kabam. As evidence, they’ve cooked up a special in-game quest for Marvel Contest of Champions that introduces players to everyone’s favorite super-powered PI as she searches for Daredevil — also a Netflix star, so surely no coincidence!

You can see the new variant of Daredevil, based on his look from his own series, in the image above. Contest of Champions now boasts a roster of more than 60 playable Marvel heroes and villains to pit against each other in mobile fighting game action.

The game’s other big news is its first ever TV commercial. It very nicely explains the setting of the game, with the Collector narrating until a certain smart-mouthed Guardians of the Galaxy member asks for everyone to be unfrozen. And no, it’s not Groot.

You can add Rocket, Daredevil and many more of your favorite characters to your own team by downloading Marvel Contest of Champions for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.