Gotham: Galavan’s Master Plan Is A Vengeance Story


James Frain talks about Theo Galavan’s master plan for both Gotham and Bruce Wayne

Even though as we last left him, Theo Galavan was under arrest for the kidnapping of former Mayor Aubrey James, he isn’t one to let a little thing like prison get in the way of his ultimate goal, which is vengeance on both the city of Gotham and the Wayne family.

In the video below (appropriately titled “Vengeance”), actor James Frain, who plays Theo Galavan on Gotham, talks about Galavan’s master plan and how it is a story of vengeance and how it involves getting Bruce Wayne into a place where he can be “done away with in the proper manner”:

What exactly is a “proper manner”? Given the Order of St. Dumas, I would assume some kind of sacrificial ritual is involved. Theo Galavan can’t merely kill Bruce Wayne, he needs to perform a ceremony in order to right the wrongs he believes Gotham and especially the Wayne family in particular did against his ancestors.

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Thanks to our friends at Hidden Remote, we know Theo Galavan will still be around in Gotham after the mid-season finale. Tonight’s episode and the mid-season finale are where Gordon supposedly starts to really peel back the layers of Theo Galavan. It’s completely possibly that Bruce Wayne will still be in the clutches of the Order of St. Dumas after next week’s episode. Where does Galavan’s plan from Gotham go after tonight’s episode and beyond? You’ll have to tune into Fox Mondays to find out.