Marvel Heroes 2015: Magik Becomes 53rd Playable Character


When the Marvel Heroes 2015 community gets a chance to vote on something, Gazillion listens. Thus, when the game’s players were allowed to vote on who they wanted to see as the final playable character, you can be darn sure the developers worked to make it happen.

As a result, longtime New Mutants and X-Men team member Magik has joined the fray today. Colossus’ younger sister is the 53rd playable character, and she’s voiced by Tara Strong, already well known to super hero fans as the talent behind Raven on Teen Titans Go! and Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City, to name just a few of her many animation and video game roles.

With both magic and her Soulsword at her command, Magik was a bit of a challenge for the Marvel Heroes 2015 development team to represent faithfully in-game, but it sounds like one that has been solved in some unique ways.

“Magik’s host of Limbo minions makes for one of the most dynamic summoning systems we’ve created to date,” Michael May, Game Systems and Character Designer at Gazillion, said in a press release. “She’ll be able to choose between summoning a large number of more fragile minions, or opt for one of the bosses of Limbo instead, such as N’astirh. Turning the tables and getting a boss to fight for you is very entertaining to me. She can also absorb the energies of those minions into her Soulsword, sacrificing the summons altogether in exchange for more personal power. There are many ways to create a ‘loadout’ for Magik players to enjoy her in the way they best see fit.”

Sounds plenty cool to us. You can head to the Marvel Heroes Store to buy the Magik Hero Pack now, which gets you Illyana herself, two costumes (Marvel NOW! and Soul Armor), her Hero S.T.A.S.H., six Fortune Cards and two XP Boosts. And if you haven’t started playing Marvel Heroes 2015 yet, simply head to and download the game for free.

Either way, you can believe in Magik. Sorry, couldn’t resist.