New Batman v Superman Toy Set Reveals True Villain?


A new Batman v Superman toy set has possibly revealed who the real villain is…

Batman v Superman for all appearances, is about two superheroes beating the hell out of each other. But we know that can’t be the whole story. There must be another, bigger threat that forces Batman & Superman to put aside their differences and team up against someone neither of them could handle alone.

But who is this threat? Rumors have bounced around naming everyone from a resurrected Zod Metallo to Doomsday, to Lex Luthor himself (who at this point is the only confirmed villain in the film). A new Batman v Superman toy set may have shed some light on/accidentally spoiled the film’s actual villain.

The toy set in the image above features Batman in his power armor, Superman, and Lex Luthor in some power armor of his own. Of course this could mean absolutely nothing. Toy sets that are tied to comic book characters that have nothing to really do with them are a dime a dozen. Spider-Man has ones with motorcycles. There was a recent Batman v Superman set revealed where both Batman and Superman have wings. Why on earth would Superman ever need wings?

The other evidence against this is all of DC swearing up and down that theirs is the “more grounded” take on comic book films. While Luthor having a super suit of armor so he can go toe-to-toe with Superman is a recurring event in the comics and animated TV shows, it would probably seem out of place in a supposedly more grounded movie.

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But then again this a movie about a billionaire who fights crime dressed like a Bat lasting more than 10 seconds against a man who is basically a god. Another billionaire suiting up to kill both of them doesn’t seem too far out of left field. We’ll find out for sure when Batman v Superman opens in theaters this March.