What Batkid Begins Says About Batman


Batkid Begins director Dana Nachman explains what the documentary has to say about the comic book hero that inspired Batkid himself

By now you should all know the the tremendous story of Miles Scott, aka Batkid. His make-a-wish was to help Batman save Gotham, and got his wish on an unprecedented level. The entire city of San Francisco turned itself into Gotham, and Miles helped Batman save the city from the villainous grips of Penguin & The Riddler.

Batkid was not only a huge deal to San Francisco, but inspired the worldover. And Miles journey to that moment and everything that went into making that wish a reality is chronicled in the documentary Batkid Begins. Batkid Begins had a limited run in theaters this Summer and is available on DVD and digital release now with plans to develop it into a feautre film produced by and starring Julia Roberts.

Dana Nachman, the director of Batkid Begins talked with CBR about what the documentary film says about the Caped Crusader to himself:

"First of all, wanting to be a hero — everybody can relate to that. We’re just not all given the opportunity, but I think we could if we wanted to be, all given the opportunities. I think Miles was given a very specific — and that was the only thing he wanted, which is amazing. Such a cool thing. And then I think the fact that he wanted to be Batman, knowing him like I do now, he just fits the bill for Batman in general.Something that was interesting was I read something online about somebody said, “Oh, the kid didn’t even look happy that day.” I thought about it after knowing Miles and after looking at all the pictures that are out there, he was thrilled — first of all, this is his dream come true, I know that. But he was playing the role of Batman, and when do you ever see Batman like with a stupid grin on his face. Batman is being Batman. And so I think Miles very much embodies the spirit of Batman in that he’s very serious, he wants to help people all the time. And he’ll do it in a very matter of fact way; he’s everyman’s man, or everyboy’s boy. He really is like that, and so I think part of the reason it went viral is because everybody would have wanted to do that when they were little. Pick your super hero — it didn’t have to be Batman — you wanted to be So-and-So Kid, and he got a chance to do that."

Dana Nachman also said that Batkid Begins was a nice change of pace because it was a very sentimental uplifting story compared to her usual subject matter, which is really important subjects like terrorisim & harmful chemicals in food. As you can imagine that can take a toll so Nachman welcomed the lighter subject matter.

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You can read the full interview over at CBR for more details. I admittedly have not gotten around to seeing Batkid Begins (wasn’t really aware it was already out on video honestly) but I still have a hard time imagining this would be a good fit for a feature film. It’s a feel good story sure, but where’s the conflict? We’ll keep you updated on the feature film’s progress as well as all the Batman news from around the web.