Gotham: Clips From Worse Than A Crime


Clips from the last episode of Gotham for the next 3 months!

We are here folks! It’s the mid-season finale and of Gotham and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Bruce Wayne has been captured by Theo Galavan and his cult of murderous monks. Sure, they could just kill Bruce, but nope, they have to have some elaborate ritual. You know, so Jim Gordon has time to save him!

In the first of these two clips from Gotham’s mid-season finale, “Worse Than A Crime”, we see that Alfred already tried storming Galavan’s home to look for Bruce by himself, but not surprisingly that didn’t go well. Bullock wants to barge back in there, but Captain Barnes isn’t having it without solid evidence and a warrant. Alfred wants to go back anyways, and and Bullock is willing to help. They both agree they need Jim Gordon along, but nobody seems to know where he is:

Well that’s certainly interesting. Why is Gordon at Nygma’s place, and why is that something he is hiding? Also kudos to Lucius Fox for proving he’s pretty good with riddles. In the next clip from Gth, it seems Barnes has a warrant out for Jim’s arrest! He apparently busted Penguin out of GCPD lockup. Barnes questions Leslie Thompkins on Jim’s whereabouts and more:

Why is Gordon helping Penguin(well actually that’s fairly obvious, he needs his help to rescue Bruce Wayne)> What will the fallout be? Will Jim get demoted yet again? I really hope not…

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One thing we know for sure is that the episode synopsis for “Worse Than A Crime” promised not everyone would make it out alive. My money at this point is on Captain Barnes. He’s an original character for the show, and he is just getting in the way of Gordon getting things done because by the book doesn’t work in Gotham. It would also prevent Gordon from being demoted once again after things cool down and possibly propel him to Captain of the GCPD. He needs to get his political career back on track if he’s going to be Commissioner someday…