Lori Petty Cast In Gotham


Actress Lori Petty has been cast in Gotham for it’s upcoming 2016 return

At least one new face who’s not a classic (or miscellaneous D-list) DC comic villain will be joining Gotham when it returns from it’s lengthy hiatus. Actress Lori Petty, most recently seen in Orange Is The New Black, has been cast in the show as “Jeri”, who  Variety describes as an “the flamboyant and enigmatic hostess of an underground club where mass murder and art are celebrated in equal measure.”

How does this Jeri fit into the world of Gotham (besides probably having a better club than Penguin’s?) It turns out she has information on the murderer of Bruce Wayne’s parents. If you’ve been watching Gotham, you know that Silver St. Cloud was tricked into outing “M. Malone” as the man who actually murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. It seems that Bruce will be continuing to investigate “M. Malone” as the second season of Gotham continues. And we’ll be meeting M. Malone sooner rather than later as we recently learned Michael Bowen has been cast in that role for Gotham.

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While Jeri is apparently willing to help out the future Batman with clues about his parents’ killer, it’s being teased that when she crosses paths with the likes of Gordon & Bullock, she and her gang of maniacs (not Maniax mind you) are far less friendly with them. No word on what episode(s) Lori Petty will appear in, but hopefully we’ll hear more soon. Petty is a very established actress with even a couple of comic book roles under her belt. There’s the box office bomb Tank Girl, but she also did an excellent job as the voice of Livewire on several DC animated shows. We’ll see if Petty is someone who sticks around for awhile or just another victim of The Rise Of The Villains when Gotham returns this coming February.