Suicide Squad: Leto Promises To Live Up To Expectations


Jared Leto is letting Joker fans know the role is in good hands with him in Suicide Squad

I think it’s easy to say that some decisions about Jared Leto’s Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film have been extremely divisive. It’s a very legendary role filled by the likes of Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and of course Mark Hamill & Heath Ledger, all delivering grand performances while putting their own unique stamp on the Clown Prince Of Crime.

I don’t think many had issues with Leto’s actual casting, after all, he’s an academy award-winning actor, but the look that they have decided go with, admittedly looking something like a tattooed juggalo with grills, has caused many to write off Suicide Squad and more specifically Leto as The Joker before it’s even out.

I think some fears may have been allayed with not only from the impressive sizzle reel of Suicide Squad from this year’s San Diego Comic Con, but also all the reports of how far Leto took the role, being in character at least the majority of the time and doing things like sending odd gifts to castmates. Now he’s taken to Instagram to reassure fans that his take on the iconic role will live up to the lofty expectations set by previous performances:

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I’m certainly one of those waiting until I really see the performance to fully judge the role. Leto certainly has a lot more than just Suicide Squad riding on his shoulders, as Joker is arguably the most popular villain in comics. That’s one area where I think DC actually has a really good chance to quickly top Marvel, because let’s face it, aside from a select few (Loki, Kingpin & Killgrave and two of those are confined to Netflix), their villains haven’t been particularly memorable so far. Let’s hope Leto’s Joker is the start of a great trend and not a disappointing one-off that we may never see again in the DC movie universe because he was poorly received.

h/t ComicBookMovie.Com