Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Closure”


Naturally, I left my notes for this week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm session in my “to do” pile at work, so here’s to winging it!

Overarching Question

So who/what exactly is the Inhuman on the mystery planet?

Malick has been going on and on (since last week) about the Inhuman overlord banished to the mystery planet. I theorized back before we knew it was an Inhuman that it was Death, the living embodiment that Thanos falls in love with (and I believe he fights Deadpool over). While that would be an awesome tie-in to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be too big-budget.

I thought for a bit last week that perhaps it was Maximus the Mad, who I also thought Cal was until they did the Calvin Zabo reveal. But there’s one that fits much better: The Unspoken.

The Unspoken ruled over Attilan, the city of Inhumans, well before Black Bolt took the helm. But he hid their greatest weapon, and a young Black Bolt took offense to this (I’m simplifying all of this). Through the voice of Medusa, Black Bolt erased the Unspoken from their history and made him a ghost story. The Unspoken went into hiding.

It’s easy enough for Agents of SHIELD to change up this story and just have Black Bolt and his crew banish The Unspoken through the portal to the mystery planet. The Unspoken’s powers could fit the figure on the planet — he’s the living embodiment of Terrigenesis and can basically give himself any power and make himself into any shape (I’m thinking Apocalypse).

If he can change his form, and Malick is certain the Inhuman on the other side is trying to come back, then it’s no stretch of the imagination to theorize that Will is just one of his forms. We never see them both in the same place. Yes, we know Will was real at one point, but surviving nearly 15 years over there seems a little extreme. Simmons needed a face to trust. Will was perfect.

Weekly MCU Character Cameo

As Coulson tumbles down the hill on the mystery planet and cracks his head on that rock, rendering him unconscious, a dark shadow descends over him.

“Well, well,” the mystery shadow purrs in a familiar Asgardian voice. “Look what we have here.” Loki nudges Coulson’s arm with his foot. “Didn’t I stab you in the heart?”

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

Five bucks says Coulson gets stuck on the mystery planet after killing Ward. They successfully bring everyone back — including Will — but there’s a big showdown between Ward and Coulson. Coulson tells everyone to leave him behind, he’ll take care of Ward, Ward doesn’t deserve to come back to Earth, etc.

Coulson ends up killing Ward. The fight leaves him battered and bleeding, and the mystery Inhuman ends up inhabiting Coulson’s body. But that’s not the end of the winter finale. The SHIELD crew reopens the portal to bring Coulson back, but they don’t realize that it’s no longer Coulson.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“All All-American Burgers.” Coulson makes the comment about how any burger named the “All-American” is bad for you. How about a Food Network-esque webisode where Coulson and Rosalind (before she gets murdered) sample various “All-American Burgers” from around the contiguous United States?

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Next week’s Agents of SHIELD is the winter finale, and it’s been rumored that it’s going to be game-changing, as it always seems to be. If Ward doesn’t get turned into an Inhuman, somebody’s going to get inhabited by that Inhuman. Or transport the Inhuman back. Next Tuesday can’t come fast enough.