Batman v Superman: Does The Flash Have A Cameo?


Find out if the Scarlet Speedster appears in Batman v Superman, and the truth about THAT scene in the trailer

While you may think the most recent trailer in Batman v Superman gave away pretty much everything, there are a couple of surprises it held back. While we saw the DC trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, there are still at least a couple more members of the Justice League slated to appear in some capacity.

We know Aquaman will appear in the film (most likely through some bit of footage Batman sees), but the movie version of Barry Allen, aka The Flash will also cameo in the upcoming Batman v Superman, this was confirmed by costume designer Michael Wilkinson, stating that “He will have a thinner silhouette and will not be as strong as the other heroes of the Justice League”. No word on what the extent of Flash’s appearance in the film will be, however.

The other bit Wilkinson revealed was specifically about a specific scene in the Batman v Superman trailer, where Batman is in some kind of desert stronghold and Superman rips off his mask. Wilkinson confirmed, as many have suspected, that it is a dream sequence. More appropriately, it is Bruce Wayne’s nightmare, where the world has turned into an apocalyptic desert and Superman is a despot with flying beings (that look like Parademons) and and an army of loyal followers.

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There is no word in what context Wayne’s dream takes place in, maybe somebody (most likely Lex, since he seems to be manipulating the two heroes into fighting each other) plants it into his mind to raise his paranoia about the Man of Steel. Either way, if you are already a little wary of a superpowered being and you have a nightmare vision of the future like that, no wonder you might want to try and stop him at all costs. We’ll find out just how that dream sequence and The Flash fit in when Batman v Superman opens March 25th!