Robbie Amell Doesn’t Think Arrow Can Beat Batman


Stephen And Robbie Amell has a disagreement over if Arrow could beat Batman

Robbie Amell is not only the cousin of Stephen Amell, aka The Arrow, but he’s played a superhero of his own right as Firestorm. Recently Stephen claimed that his Arrow could beat Batman at a fight at a recent Comic Con. Robbie Amell doesn’t seem to share that opinion, though.

Stephen Amell did elaborate on his answer to the question at the con at his response to his cousin Robbie Amell in a video, stating:

"See this is my point. What would happen if you were at a Q&A and a little kid in a Firestorm costume said to you, ‘Who would win in a fight, Ronnie or Bruce Wayne?’ You know what you would say. Actually, you might say Batman, because you’ve had an unhealthy obsession with Batman for a long time."

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Stephen does have a point there. What is there to gain by saying his superhero would lose to another superhero, especially one of similar ability? I think he would probably even say his Arrow could beat Superman if asked. I mean, he’s basically Batman, and Batman has accomplished that plenty of times.

In my personal opinion, I think Arrow (at least this version of Arrow) could possibly beat Batman, especially if he had help from all of team Arrow, but it’s merely a possibility. I mean, theoretically any superhero could beat any other superhero given the same thing people always say Batman has-time, preparation and a little bit of luck.