Gotham: Melinda Clarke Added To Season Two


Another O.C. cast member  joins Gotham, could we see a mini-reunion?

Gotham may be on a lengthy Winter hiatus, but the casting news for Gotham’s latest inhabitants just keeps on rolling. We already know to expect the likes of Paul Reubens, Lori Petty and Michael Bowen in season two, ad now we can add actress Melinda Clarke to the cast, E! is reporting.

Melinda Clarke will play an original character named Grace Van Dahl. Expect to see her pop up in episode 15 of Gotham. Grace Van Dahl is described as “desperate for money and power. While she’s adept at playing the perfect hostess and wife, all the while she’s plotting how she can lie and cheat—and even kill!—to get what she wants.”

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Melinda Clarke was also on the Fox show,  The O.C., which Gotham star Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective James Gordon , was also a star of.  Could we be in store for a mini-O.C. reunion? It’s certainly possible. Of course given that Van Dahl is a upper class Gotham socialite, Clarke and Gordon may not interact much. While Gordon and Bruce Wayne are friends and interact plenty, Gordon actually doesn’t seem to get very involved in Bruce’s dealings with the upper class of Gotham unless he’s in direct danger from somebody like Theo Galavan.

Still, the possibility is pretty exciting. Will we see any other O.C. cast members on Gotham in the future? McKenzie has said he’d love to have Adam Brody on the show, so maybe there’s some hope there. Gotham returns to continue the Rise Of The Villains February 29th on Fox.