Rumor: Deadshot In Solo Batman Film?


If there is indeed a solo Batman film on the horizon, Deadshot may be joining the film

Is there a Batman solo movie in he works? Rumors range from a solo movie to Warner Bros. pressing for a full trilogy (even though he’s been reported to be “near the end of his run” in Batman v Superman). If a movie is indeed happening, Batman may or may not have help from a certain member of the Suicide Squad!

Latino Review is doing a little guesswork here, but Will Smith, who plays Deadshot, may be joining Ben Affleck in the rumored solo Batman film if things supposedly work out as planned. Not that Ben Affleck needs it, but having another A-lister like Will Smith would certainly boost the star power of such a film significantly and give it a different dynamic than previous Batman films. But will it be as an ally or a foe? It probably will heavily depend on what  exactly Deadshot’s status is following he events of the Suicide Squad movie is next year.

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Keep in mind however, this is something that is rumored to maybe happen based on a movie that isn’t officially in development yet. Deadshot could totally be in an upcoming Batman solo film, but they could also be setting Deadshot up for his own solo movie or series of solo films. One thing is for certain is that Will Smith is signed on for multiple appearances as DC’s top assassin and while a Suicide Squad sequel is likely at least potentially on that list, he could easily be popping up in other films as well, an a Batman film would certainly make the most sense out of any other possible upcoming films.