Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – Maveth


This week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm session is going to be absolutely ludicrous, mostly because I’m headed to Disney World for a long weekend. I hope you enjoy its insanity.

Overarching Questions

1. Is Joey everyone’s favorite character now?

Seriously, he was on a roll. I’m glad they looped his character back into the show rather than keeping him locked up in a cage (which we all knew wasn’t going to happen because we needed the Secret Warriors).

He is literally us, the audience, thrown into the world of superheroes. He doesn’t understand how to describe his superpowers until Bobbi basically tells him that he can say the word “superpowers” to describe himself. He freaks out the first time he’s in the field, like anyone else would, and gets comforted in the fact that his companions feel the same way. Minus Agent May, but that’s per normal.

He melts bullets and then yells in excitement that he’s bulletproof.

Yeah. He’s up there with Hunter and his one-liners.

(Mad props for the exchange of “What if it can’t be killed?”/”Can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll probably run” from Hunter.)

We need more Joey in our Agents of SHIELD in the second half of the season.

2. How completely badass are FitzSimmons?

Answer: Completely and utterly. We see how much their characters have evolved and changed since the start of the show. They both started as lab nerds, never dreaming of seeing action in the field, aside from through the eyes of their technology.

Now we see Fitz make an attempt at grabbing Ward’s gun despite not actually having a chance of getting it away from him. We see him pull a gun — regular and flare — and shoot without hesitation. He went from tech geek to nerdy Indiana Jones.

We see Simmons break out of her bindings and escape through the cover of darkness, safely making it back to her friends and making the difficult choice in unleashing Andrew upon the world once more. She’s gone from a lab rat to someone unafraid to make the hard decisions.

And we get a heartbreaking scene to end the episode. Because who wouldn’t be devastated that their love interest couldn’t save their otherworldly love interest from death itself?

3. Has Coulson crossed over to the dark side?

Part of me is hoping that whatever “It” is can actually splinter itself apart, like Voldemort and his soul, and inhabit multiple people at once. I’m not sure if killing one of his own would be the last straw to break him, but maybe coupled with the loss of Rosalind makes it seem more believable?

That dead look in his eyes when he and Fitz had a moment before the episode ended just seemed a little too evil for me. I know we’ve treaded in the “One of our own is against us!” every single season (Ward, Bobbi/Mack). If the show could put a twist on it somehow, it might be a lot of fun. Coulson hasn’t seemed like himself recently anyway; this might be a good route to take him down.

I mean, he did visit Tatooine, so it’s possible he’s on the Dark Side now …

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now/Weekly MCU Character Cameo

We know that Joey can melt metal, which is pretty badass. Tony Stark hears wind of this one day around the office through Maria Hill. When they take Cap’s shield from him in Captain America: Civil War (we catch glimpses of this in the trailer), Stark steals it and heads to SHIELD HQ.

“Can you melt this?” he asks, holding Cap’s shield in one hand and then holding up something that has a vaguely familiar shape in the other. And it’s glowing. “And put it on this?”

Which is when we find out that Joey can melt vibranium. And he helps make a fake Mjolnir for his Ragnarok creation. Since the real Mjolnir is thousands of lightyears away, of course Stark would build a replica using his own technology.

Look, I know it’s been said that Thor isn’t going to be in Civil War, so they probably can’t go the clone-Thor route, but that doesn’t mean Tony doesn’t have a slice of Thor DNA on hand. And how kickass would this be?! Next we just need to test how Joey does on adamantium. No wait, wrong cinematic universe …

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We’re out of Agents of SHIELD until March, but Agent Carter starts up in just over a month. In the upcoming weeks before Peggy Carter and Jarvis grace us with their presence once more, keep a lookout for random articles by me, theories on what we might see in season 2 of Carter or when “Grant Ward” will actually die, and maybe me even theorizing on what exactly we might see in X-Men: Apocalypse because as you are all well aware, I have an unhealthy obsession with Apocalypse.

Until next week, ladies and gents! Hail Hydra.