Batman v Superman AR Combat Game Announced


A Batman v Superman tie-in augmented reality game, Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer, will be unveiled for the first time at this year’s Hong Kong Toy Soul 2015 Exhibition

Aside from pathetic mobile attempts here and there, tie-in games to superhero films are practically a dead genre. And with good reason, since 99.9% of them are awful. But a new tie-in based on Batman v Superman has been announced, but you won’t be able to play it on your PS4 or Xbox One.

The Batman v Superman tie-in game is titled “Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer” (not the most catchy name), and assuming you are able to be at this year’s Hong Kong Toy Soul 2015 Exhibition, which is December 18th, you might be able to check it out.

Here is developer Soap Studio’s official description of the Batman Cerebral Combat trainer:

"Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer includes a headset to capture and amplify the players’ brainwave, from mental relaxation, mind concentration, to eye blink. Each of the emotional fluctuation and minor motions can be converted as a command. The batman movement varies by the concentration level of the players."

But of course odds are unless you are already in Hong Kong, you won’t be able to check this interesting game out. We do have a video that gives you some idea of the game, but it’s hardly adequate:

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Like I said, the video doesn’t look very impressive and it’s hard to convey what a game like this is actually like through a video. Hopefully we’ll get some more info and maybe impressions from somebody around December 18th when the Hong Kong Toy Soul 2015 Exhibition is going on. Sadly unless this game starts showing up at one of the few remaining  arcade chains here like Dave & Buster’s, we won’t really get a chance to experience it here.