Frank Miller Wants To Make Batman The Bad Guy


Frank Miller says he has an idea for a story where Batman is the villain

Dark Knight III is just coming out now, and Frank Miller has announced he is already working on ideas for Dark Knight IV, but at Brazil’s CCXP he recently talked about another project he’d like to do down the line. One where the Dark Knight is actually the bad guy.

Specifically, Frank Miller would like to write a Superman story where Batman is the bad guy. Which may surprise some given that Superman was essentially a bad guy in the Dark Knight Returns and the bad guys in Dark Knight III: The Master Race, are Kryptonians.

But Miller has previously explained that from his point of view, Batman doesn’t like Superman much, and since the Dark Knight books are told from Batman’s point of view, Superman is seen as the antagonist. If Miller wrote a story from Superman’s point of view, Batman would definitely be the antagonist.

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Batman has certainly crossed the line between hero and villain in his pursuit of justice, so I really don’t think it would be that difficult to write a story where he’s still everything Batman stands for, but is perceived as a villain. Even Zack Snyder said that in the beginning of Batman v Superman, Batman is the villain, so it’s not much of a stretch.

It would certainly be an interesting angle for Frank Miller to tackle, whether or not he could accomplish it successfully might wholly depend on who he’s go working with him, as the jury is still out on Dark Knight III and his more recent work hasn’t really been well received. We’ll keep you updated here at Caped Crusades if Batman ever becomes a bad guy, which would be a dark day in Gotham indeed.