Gotham Promo Teases Chilly Arrival Of Mr. Freeze


Gotham is in for a chilly reception when it returns next year!

We’ve still got roughly 10 long weeks until Gotham returns, but it won’t be a warm welcome, as they seem to be jumping right into the storyline of Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze with their latest promo.

To be fair the promo doesn’t really show anything, it’s just really about 30 seconds with a theme of cold and ice and a shadowy silhouette as you can see below, but if you watched all the way to the end of Gotham’s mid-season finale, you already had a pretty good idea of what Mr. Freeze looks like:

While it seems that some of the core things that make Mr. Freeze will remain intact, such as his devotion to his wife Nora, we can already see that some things have changed for Freeze’s introduction on Gotham.

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I’ve stated before that Freeze looks like a knockoff of Captain Cold from The Flash. So it’s fairly obvious that while his wife may get her fatal illness and he needs to put her in Cryo, if the accident does happen, he clearly doesn’t need his trademark suit as of yet.

But I theorize something will happen to Mr. Freeze where he will most likely become the latest guest at Gotham’s mysterious Indian Hill facility, and through experimentation there he will become the Mr. Freeze we are all more familiar with. And of course that could be a couple more years down the line, assuming the show lasts that long to begin with. Either way the arrival of Mr. Freeze continues the Rise Of The Villains in Gotham this coming February!