Kevin Conroy And Will Friedle Re-Enact Famous Star Wars Scene


Kevin Conroy & Will Friedle re-enact a classic scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle both have played the Dark Knight. Granted, Will Friedle has played Terry McGinnis, aka Batman of tomorrow from Batman Beyond, but still both have played Gotham’s iconic protector. And they often attend the same conventions and do panels together.

And one thing they often do at these panels is do requests from fans (as long as they are reasonable of course). And some of these requests seem a little bizarre from time to time. Such as a fan asking them to re-enact a certain famous scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at a recent convention. It makes sense in a way if you know your DC animated universe history, but still strange to ask two actors who have nothing to do with Star Wars to re-enact a scene from Star Wars. But both Conroy & Friedle seem game as you can see from the clip below:

Now as bizarre as it may seem to ask this, there is a certain insane logic to it (spoilers for really old cartoons follow, so be warned).

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In the Justice League Unlimited episode “Epilogue”, (which actually serves as a proper series finale to Batman Beyond) it is revealed that Terry McGinnis is actually a clone of Bruce Wayne, the man he thought was his father wasn’t actually his father. Now it doesn’t end with anybody’s hand being cut off, but it’s a pretty shocking twist and certainly a sense of betrayal. So it’s two actors who played characters who were father and son that found out in a huge twist much like the twist in Empire Strikes back. It makes sense in a weird crazy nerd way, right? RIGHT?!?