Aspen Comics To Combine Fathom, Soulfire Into One Universe In 2016


Universe-shaking events aren’t the exclusive domain of the Big Two comic book publishers. Aspen Comics is ready to try one too, placing its two most beloved franchises into one crossover that promises to unify them forever.

The titles in question are Fathom and Soulfire, and while both were the products of the fertile imagination of the late Michael Turner, they’ve always existed in their own, separate fictional universe. That’s going to change next summer, as Worlds of Aspen 2016 arrives on Free Comic Book Day and serves as a free (obviously) zero issue that will ignite the crossover and lead to a whole new Aspen comics: complete with a new logo, cover dressing and branding.

Joshua Hale Fialkov and J.T. Krul will team up to handle the writing duties for Worlds of Aspen 2016, while Jordan Gunderson (The Four Points) contributes the art. The book will be available at all participating Free Comic Book locations, and you’ll be able to find one near you right here, especially as we get closer to May 7.

As for the future of Aspen Comics, the press release announcing this crossover hinted that at “more titles soon to follow” after Fathom and Soulfire. There’s never been a true “Aspen Universe” before, but it sounds like there might be soon, and for the publisher’s fans and comic readers yet to experience their books, this could be an exiting prospect indeed.