Batman v Superman: Winner Is Truth


Who does Ben Affleck think will win in Batman v Superman?

Just about everybody, regardless of whether they are involved in Batman v Superman, anything even tangentially Batman-related, or many times not even involved in anything comics related at all have been asked who they think will win in 2016’s ultimate superhero showdown, Batman v Superman.

By my tally, Superman has the popular vote by quite a landslide, and that’s understandable. As awesome as Batman is, as many suits and gadgets and stratagems  he can put to use, he’s still just a human being going up against one of the most powerful being in the comic book universe. I guess at the end of the day, the real question is does Batman think he can beat Superman? Ben Affleck, who is the latest actor to don the mantle of the caped crusader in Batman v Superman, gave an interesting response in an interview with  a French magazine:

"Well… When you see the film, you’ll realize it’s more complicated than that! There’s no real winner. I like the idea that Truth is the winner."

So that means he picks Superman, right? I mean Superman stands for truth, justice and all that jazz, so he totally picks Superman! In all seriousness it’s a very diplomatic, but somewhat cryptic answer.

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I would guess it means finding out the truth of why these two heroes are fighting in Batman v Superman will ultimately  lead to their resolution and team up (and hence there will not be a definitive winner, which is no surprise). We’ll find out for sure when Batman v Superman opens in theaters in about 3 months.

h/t CBR