How Long Is Batman v Superman?


Batman v Superman will not be a short fight

Just how long does Batman v Superman need to be? Well, we’ve got an epic smack down between DC’s two biggest Superheroes, at least some cameo appearances by several members of the soon to be Justice League (along with time to possibly at least set that up for the Justice League movies), and at least one super-villain that the heroes must unite against (and it’s been hinted that even that is not the final act of the movie).

So it seems to reason that Batman v Superman will be a suitably long affair. And you would be right, as DC Comics Movie reports than according to a German website, where tickets for Batman v Superman are already being sold, the runtime for this epic clash is 151 minutes or put more simply two hours and thirty one minutes.

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Is that enough run time to properly establish everything we need to know in this huge jumpstart to the DC universe? I mean, probably. And how much of Batman v Superman will actually be Batman fighting Superman? My guess would be no more than 30-40 minutes of total screen time, most likely not all in one scene either, I can see Batman having multiple goes at Superman, and Superman just getting more and more fed up with him.

I think the real question is what was left on the cutting room floor. Obviously two and a half hours is a pretty long movie, but there’s always lots of stuff that never makes into the final cut of a film for various reasons. Sometimes scenes just aren’t working right, feel unnecessary or redundant or are ones the director really liked but just had to b cut for running time. Odds are we won’t hear much about  those until the home video release of Batman v Superman whenever that is.