New Arkham Knight Video Highlights Season Of Infamy DLC


The possibly final Arkham Knight DLC comes out this Tuesday and is a focus of the latest Arkham Insider video

With the end of the year comes the last Arkham Insider video and theoretically the last major Arkham Knight DLC release with the Season of Infamy pack.

While the DLC content for Arkham Knight so far has been released at a steady drip, Season of Infamy is considered a major expansion, featuring Most Wanted missions starring your favorite criminals from Arkham games past such as Ra’s Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter & Killer Croc. The final Arkham Insider video has a advance look at this DLC and you can check it out below:

Season Of Infamy is reportedly the final bit of DLC covered by the Arkham Knight Season Pass. It’s no secret that Arkham Knight’s DLC to date has been incredibly disappointing, will Season of Infamy finally make it worthwhile?

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While it’s certainly the biggest amount of DLC for Arkham Knight to date, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. The previous DLC drops weren’t just too little of a good thing, they also weren’t very good. If this is just several of those caliber in one big package, that’s not  a good thing. And even then, it really doesn’t make up for 5 months of terrible DLC that season pass holders have gotten in the meantime. Even if Season of Infamy turns out to be great, that $40 for the season pass was a very steep price for the amount of quality content we’ve gotten.

We already know Arkham Knight is getting some DLC in early 2016 with the addition of some community-voted challenge maps from past Arkham titles. Will there be any more DLC drops in 2016 beyond that though? My guess is no, Rocksteady probably wants to move on to other games, and you have to have time to incorporate all that stuff into the GOTY edition which will I’m sure will be out in the next 7 months for at most $40 with all this DLC included. Hell they might even put it out as early as March to line up with Batman v Superman. Bottom line, Arkham Knight has been a stellar example of why you should never buy a season pass (or Warner Bros. games on PC for that matter). Just wait for a DLC sale or something.