Xmas Gift Idea: Batman, Superman & Joker Beanies!


The perfect gift for the DC fan in your family, Beanies featuring DC’s Top Characters!

It’s almost Christmas people! What’s that, you still haven’t gotten your shopping done? Well if someone’s on you list is of the comic book fan variety and could use something to keep their head warm on these cold winter nights, these DC-themed beanies are the perfect answer!

The beanies feature Batman, Superman & The Joker all in fun 8-bit designs. They aren’t directly tied to any upcoming movies such a Superman v Batman or Suicide Squad, but they still might be a fun thing to wear not only during the Winter, but when Batman v Superman comes out in March, because it will still be cold in plenty of places then. Suicide Squad not so much, as it opens the first week of August so it will probably be very warm then.

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But if I may get on my soapbox for just a minute here, it’s a shame there are no Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn beanies available. Granted, these are not direct tie-ins to the upcoming films, but Wonder Woman and especially Harley Quinn have been DC’s top female characters for years, and in Harley Quinn’s case arguably their top character period. They should get at least the same representation.

Well regardless these beanies run a pretty reasonable $17.95, and if you hurry, you might just be able to get one under the tree in time for Christmas.Happy Holidays from the staff at Caped Crusades!

h/t Gamesradar