52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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The Bracelets of Submission

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman sports one of her signature items — the Bracelets of Submission.  Throughout the years, in various media, the bracelets have been given a legend all their own.  A symbol of strength and control, these items are powerfully wielded by the Goddess of Truth … or should it be the God of War due to her more recent title change in the comics.

Did You Know?

  • Creator William Moulton Marston used the bracelets as an allegory for loving submission paired with emotional control which balances out a human ego’s strength.
  • In Pre-Crisis stories, the bracelets were a symbol of submission to the Amazons’ submission to Aphrodite.  They were magical and unbreakable and could deflect any weapon from Man’s World.  In later stories, if the bracelets were ever removed, an Amazon would go into a “berzerker” mode.
  • In Post-Crisis stories, the bracelets were given to Diana after she won the contest to become Wonder Woman.  The bracelets were said to be from the Aegis — an indestructible shield made from the hide of a female goat who suckled Zeus when he was an infant — and when crossed, would form a radius of protection from attacks.
  • Later, writer Gail Simone wrote that Zeus endowed the bracelets to channel lightning when struck together.  The lightning had such great concussive force that it could make even Superman’s ears bleed.

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