52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Crediting Bill Finger

Justice and righteousness are definitely the name of the game in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Hell, it’s in the title itself!  But sadly, sometimes justice is awarded to those who deserve it the most after they’re long gone.  Bill Finger is one of those people.  Without him, we’d be seeing a very different Batman.

Did You Know?

  • Writer Bill Finger co-created Batman with Bob Kane.
  • Finger, along with Bob Kane, created Batman’s famous arch-nemesis: The Joker.
  • Finger was was the one who suggested Batman to have a cowl, cape, gloves, and the removal of red in the suit (the original suit Bob Kane drew for Batman was a red suit).
  • Finger created Dick Grayson’s / Robin’s backstory to mirror that of Batman’s — parents who were murdered in front of their child, with the difference being that Dick’s parents were circus performers killed during their trapeze act.
  • Finger collaborated with artist Martino Nodell to create the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott who made his first appearance in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940).
  • Finger, though due for credit for creating Batman from the start, received his first formal credit as the creator of Batman in Batman and Robin Eternal #3 (October 15) and Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #3 (October 2015).

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