52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Gotham by Gaslight

At one point in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers, we see Batman in a trench coat, goggles, and military fatigues.  An unseen sight in film until now, Batman’s functional addition to his cape and cowl seem much more logical and serious than a coordinated desert Batsuit.  It’s details like that that make me excited for this film.  But this ensemble may have been inspired by the comics in the Elseworlds story Gotham by Gaslight (February 1989).

Did You Know?

  • Gotham by Gaslight was a DC Comics one-shot which was released in February 1989.  It was written by Brian Augustyn with pencils by Mike Mignola and inks by P. Craig Russell.
  • Gotham by Gaslight was released by Elseworlds — a DC Comics imprint that published alternate timeline and alternate reality stories about DC’s heroes.
  • Batman’s Gotham by Gaslight suit would later make an appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • In various rankings, Gotham by Gaslight is considered to be one of the greatest Batman graphic novels.
  • Artist Mike Mignola would later be hired by Bruce Timm to design characters for Batman: The Animated Series.  He was responsible for the final redesign of Mr. Freeze.

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