52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Superman’s Suit Details

From its spandex beginnings in the comics to its more recent extraterrestrial origins, Superman’s suit and symbol are probably among the most recognizable items in the world.  For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Academy Award-winning costume designer Michael Wilkinson brought the Man of Steel’s regal garb more up-to-date and created a thing of beauty.

Did You Know?

  • Superman’s suit has undergone an update from its first appearance in Man of Steel (2013) to better match the overall aesthetics of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • The Joseph Campbell quote ,”Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world,” was translated into Kryptonian and placed on the suit’s “S” shield, cuffs, belt, and bicep.
  • The Superman “S” shield’s different look in the DC Extended Universe was inspired from the “S” shield that made its first appearance in Superman #9 (March/April 1941) — the same year the “S” shield also became trademarked.
  • To make Superman stand out even more, costume designer Michael Wilkinson made the suit a brighter hue of blue.  The yellow background seen on his chest insignia was made into a bright gold.  And the overall chest insignia was given line details to match the prominent “S” logo seen in all the marketing materials.
  • The gauntlets and torso ribbing details were separated into individual pieces as opposed to the molded one-piece scheme seen in Man of Steel (2013).
  • Superman’s gold integrated belt has been made more prominent and the buckle is now a rectangle as opposed to an oval seen in Man of Steel (2013) and in the comics.

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