Old Man Logan #1 Preview: Older, Wiser, Sharper


The Wolverine we know and love is dead, and with X-23 carrying on his legacy, that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. Yet a different but still familiar Logan lives on thanks to Secret Wars, and now he’s going to be slashing his way into brand new adventures of his own.

Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino are teaming up for Old Man Logan #1, the first part of what promises to be an epic tale of one man desperate to prevent the future he knows from coming to pass. That’s probably a good thing, too; even though the new Marvel Universe isn’t guaranteed to end up in the same place Logan knows, considering how grim the future was in the original “Old Man Logan” arc, it’s best for everyone to avoid it.

Here’s what Marvel has to say about the debut issue of the new series:

"Decades from now, a day will come when the villains of the Marvel Universe will band together and rid the world of its heroes. Only Logan now remains, having committed an untold number of atrocities of his own.  But when he winds up in the Marvel Universe of today, he’ll finally get his chance to make his future right. By ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Can one man change history? Is the world ready for the return of Logan?"

Here’s a preview of some of the interior pages, along with a variant cover by Mike Deodato.

Look for Old Man Logan #1 at your LCS or on digital on January 27. Just, uh, maybe give this guy plenty of space. Something tells me he’s the best he is at what he does, and it’s even less pretty than the last guy.